was created by the laboratories SIL'INNOV SRL, located in Courcelles (BE) and Grasse (FR). Directed by Professors Ivan Coste-Manière and Nicolas Rabasso. With their knowledge in silicium, the time had come for them to explore new horizons in order to propose a new innovative and high-performance ingredient to meet the market's expectations. This ingredient can be found in caps, tablets & softgels forms. 

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- Our natural innovative branded ingredient produced from patented process.
- A Highly soluble amorphous mesoporous silica with unique bioavailability
properties supported by studies.

- A branded ingredient dedicated to food supplements and cosmetics usage.
- A ingredient that frees Silicium and/or entraps molecules.

- The Solid silica with highest amount of bioavailable Silicium.

Mesoporosil T1 (noir).jpg
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